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London, United Kingdom
I work in the fashion industry in what can only be described as a versatile job. Some days I am a designer, others an account manager, product developer, translator, trend forecaster... the list goes on! Whatever the day happens to hold I am always surrounded by fashion and I love it xx

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

While it may be cold and raining outside if you step into any of the high street stores you will find yourself transported into Summer with all the new SS13 ranges unveiled. So with Summer hitting the stores it can only mean one thing, Winter! Yes the mind boggles at how the fashion industry works at times but I am currently elbow deep in AW13/14. Here is a preview at a few of my favorite new mood board so far...

looks like I will be wearing my cowboy boots for a few more seasons!! 

Friday, 14 September 2012

This weeks motivation came from finding out that my jewellery development was shown to the buying team of my favorite high street store... and they loved it!! Needless to say I have been on a massive high. So I thought I would share a few of the new creations that have come into our little design office ready for SS13

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My Winter Wish List

Now I love this hot weather just as much as the next London girl but I must admit that while wandering the high street in the sun with my bare legs, loose cami and most comfortable shopping wedges I started planing my winter wardrobe and made a couple of early purchases to get me started.

Top of my list this coming winter is maroon/deep red/burgundy, (the high street are calling it Bordeaux this season) call it what you will I want to be covered in it this winter!

Next on my list are boots. Boots, boots and more boots in all shapes, lengths, colours, embellishments and heights (though I am partial to the high!). I have managed to buy 3 pairs so far and I can promise you there will be more to come. My favorite profile for the winter so far are the cowboy boots and if you are lucky enough to have an old pair stashed at the back of your wardrobe then dust them off and wear them with a little summer dress in this hot weather! 

I am seeing a lot of leather out there and I am loving it! This winter season leather will not be confined to one shape or style, it has broken out and is threatening to take over your wardrobe. I say let it! And why wear just one leather piece at a time, this season leather is meant to be worn with leather! 

Finally it wouldn't be a London winter without a new coat. Coats were never a necessity for me before moving to London. I bought a few and pulled them out on the occasional frosty morning but never were they worn for more than a month or two of the year. My perspective quickly shifted upon moving to London. My aim when shopping for coats now is to look for something versatile, warm and fabulous! A coat update for the winter is a necessity!